Javon­ntte Detroit native pro­duc­er is deliv­er­ing  here 4 tracks of house music for Attias broth­ers label Visions.

The A side con­tains 2 ver­sions of a killer soul­ful vocal track “Search­ing”  with his typ­i­cal voice and repeat­ing tech­nique to get to a cer­tain soul mantra in your head and cer­tain­ly your legs !

On the flip­side you have 2 rough and funky instru­men­tal house nuggets! 2 tunes to make peo­ple dance. Two rolling house tracks in the tra­di­tion of dirty Detroit under­ground.

We hope you’ll enjoy as much as we do, its aimed to the dance floor.

  1. Search­ing (Vocal Mix) Javon­ntte 1.90 / WAV+MP3 1:36
  2. Search­ing (Radio Mix) Javon­ntte 1.90 / WAV+MP3 1:36
  3. Pri­vate Par­ty Javon­ntte 1.90 / WAV+MP3 1:40
  4. Life Rhythm Javon­ntte 1.90 / WAV+MP3 1:40

Absolutely love this! Searching and Private Party gonna be getting a lot of love from me…

Alexan­der Nut

Eglo Records

Yeah I’m feeling Searching a lot! Thanx ragazzi!



Lovely! Thanks guys!


R2 Records