Trinidadian Deep – Native Revolution

Trinidadian Deep
– Native Revolution
– Native Tribe

 3.00 9.50

Record after record, Trinida­di­an Deep pro­vides the best in the Deep House Depart­ment, bring­ing lush pads deep Moog basslines and heavy rhythms arranged around per­cus­sions and sounds to make you trav­el into a cos­mic soul­ful jour­ney. This new sin­gle will please many DJ’s like Ron Trent, Vol­cov, Chaos In The CBD, etc.

With the amaz­ing releas­es on Var­i­ous labels such as Neroli, Future Vision and now Visions, Trinida­di­an Deep brings once again top qual­i­ty dance music.

This new sin­gle will not dis­ap­point you. We are extreme­ly proud to put out two fan­tas­tic jams ready for your DJ sets. Native Rev­o­lu­tion and Native Tribe are two tracks sim­ply built for the deep dance late night dance­floors. The A‑Side is a rolling house track and the B‑Side has a lit­tle afro vibe with a huge bassline. Deep­ness guaranteed!

Real prop­er deep stuff from one of the true heroes of the Under­ground. Toron­to hero Trinida­di­an Deep can always be count­ed on to deliv­er the real prop­er deep stuff. While labels like ‘deep-house’ get bandied about so flip­pant­ly these days, this guy is keep­ing the true spir­it of the sound alive – and he is the very def­i­n­i­tion of it, in our hum­ble opin­ion. Life-affirm­ing, evoca­tive and bit­ter­sweet are just some of the words that come to mind when try­ing to describe the melan­cholic urban blues of “Native Rev­o­lu­tion” – it’s just typ­i­cal ‘Tri­ni’ real­ly: doing what he does so well! With its roar­ing church organs and those shim­mer­ing Ron Trent (his cousin, by the way) style chord pro­gres­sions, backed by swel­ter­ing steel drums – it’s awe-inspir­ing. Speak­ing of the steel drums, those pow­er­ful rhythms take more of a cen­tral role on the flip, with anoth­er ‘ver­sion’ of sorts in the form of “Native Tribe”.

Juno Records, 2018